The Ensemble Today

One is struck by the elegance, the well-polished details, the musicality…Bravo Sokol!! Kulisy Polonii, Edmonton

The Ensemble consists of a group of sixty singers, dancers, and musicians dedicated
to the promotion of Polish culture through song and dance. The repertoire of the Choir is extensive and ever expanding. The choir recreates traditional Polish folk songs. As well, the group has performed many concerts composed of sacred music, patriotic songs, and traditional Christmas selections.

The Dancers possess an expanding repertoire of dances. The group performs over a dozen dances including the five national
dances and many regional dances. The group is also well known for its character dances as well as pieces with an international flavor.

The Ensemble has expanded its repertoire into the realm of opera and operettas, which has included performing selections
from classics such as Moniuszko’s Straszny Dwor and Halka.

Folk costumes are also an integral part of our performance. Our wardrobe consists of almost a dozen different regional costumes, each displaying the richness and diversity of Polish traditional dress.

The Ensemble has enjoyed performing in a wide variety of venues. This has included full length
stage productions, choral and dance festivals, as well as church concerts. Please see our booking information.

Singers and dancers of the Polish Sokol Folk Ensemble and the Polish Sokol School of Dance give
visitors one of the best examples of ethnic culture and tradition seen in this city in recent years.