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Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Starring: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn
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Users review: What House was to medicine, Elementary is to investigating. The writing is clever, fast paced and smart. Our eccentric lead Holmes instead of having a drug dependency for his gimp leg like House, is a recovering drug addict who is being observed by Watson to keep him clean. They writers really make an effort to spell out the deductive-reasoning details, and for the most part, its plausible, IMO. The plots snake thru twists and turns at a feverish pace and Holmes dedication is relentless. You get the feeling he behaves this way to keep him mind from allowing his addiction to regain control. Lucy Liu , who I love, is curiously restrained in her role to offset Holmess incessant espousing. Her deductive skills are far less than Holmes but she brings medical expertise to the table. They have a unique but likable chemistry. It seems obvious to me that at some point Lius character will be developed more and eventually Holmes is going to have some sort of relapse. I can only hope this show maintains this level of intensity without sacrificing credibility, but for now, IMO, its one of mainstreams networks finest.